What’s the turnaround time for my project?2015-04-20T15:31:04-04:00

3-5 days for Residential projects and 7-10 days for commercial projects. Expedited processing is available upon request.

How long does it take to photograph my property?2015-04-20T15:31:21-04:00

Total time varies per project, but it typically takes 15 minutes to shoot each panoramic location.

How do I prepare my property for the shoot?2015-04-20T15:31:39-04:00

Simple, make sure the property is clean, each shot location is vacant, and all lights are on.

How much are add-ons?2019-01-30T17:47:58-05:00

Only custom floor plans, custom buttons, video features, and custom audio are extra. (Usually about $59 each) But all other add-ons are FREE!

How much does it cost?2015-04-20T15:32:40-04:00

While our rates remain the same, the total price depends on the size and complexity of your project.

Do you charge me for hosting?2015-04-20T15:37:34-04:00

Most of the time, there is no cost depending on the virtual tour package you purchase. However, some packages have a small added cost for hosting (usually $10/month). We also offer an “exported” version of your virtual tour so that you can host it yourself. This enhanced “exported” version also allows you to view the virtual tour without an internet connection. Please inquire about further details regarding our enhanced “exported” virtual tours.

Do I own the rights to the tour?2015-04-20T15:38:12-04:00

Yes, once full payment is processed, you own the tour and it’s yours to use however you please.

How is the virtual tour delivered?2015-04-20T15:38:58-04:00

We host the tour on our servers so it doesn’t take up any space on your computer or device. We then email you a web link that you can embed into your website, social media, newsletters, press releases, and so much more!