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Law Enforcement’s Newest Technology.

Capture your crime scene like never before.


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Our Top Priorities

  • Complete 360 panoramic equipment kits including Nikon D600 camera body, rotator, fisheye lens, Storm Case, Tripod, software and Just In Time (J.I.T.) training.
  • Get the CSI:360 camera upgrade kits if you already have the Nikon or Canon cameras.
  • No programming to learn. We can train and certify you remotely in just two days.
  • CSI:360 is already used by the FBI, many police departments including the U.S. Army.
  • Allows fast reconstruction of any panoramic scene with your Mac, PC or laptop.
  • Export finished crime scenes to CD-ROM, bag it and give the DA for the court room.
  • Saves your department thousands of dollars a year in unnecessary outside graphics and demonstrative evidence costs.